Introducing the LITC Discord!

LITCBannerDiscordHey everybody!

Today I’m doing a small update to announce the launch of my brand new Discord server! Discord is a chatroom program that was mainly built for video gamers, but I’ll be using it as a way to talk hockey with all of you everyday!

Screenshot (1)

So if you’re somebody who thinks discussing the merits of the 2015 Nick Bonino trade with strangers is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, then this server is for you! I’ll also be using it to update people on my newest stories and work, along with a place to take mailbag questions for articles, videos and podcasts.

Since I’m not an expert on how the Discord system works, there’s not a lot there yet other than the chatroom and some custom emojis. But I’m going to work on new ways to update the server throughout the offseason and make it a more fun place to visit.

If you’d like to join, simply click the link below, create an account and start typing. Hope to see you there! – Lach


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