Age: 24
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Post Secondary: Santa Rosa Junior College (California), British Columbia Institute of Technology (Burnaby)

The CreaseCast YouTube channel, which Lachlan launched in August 2020 and has gone on to feature over 100 full episodes.
Lachlan’s author page on CanucksArmy.com, where he’s a regular paid contributor for their Canucks coverage.

Lachlan Irvine is an NHL reporter with seven years of experience in writing, video and podcasting.

Born in Vancouver, BC, Lachlan Irvine became fascinated with the game of hockey at a very early age. But it wasn’t until his first semester of junior college in 2015 that he realized he could turn that passion into a career as a hockey reporter; one that combines knowledge and in-depth analysis with humour and signature personality.

While living with his mom and stepdad in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lachlan launched a YouTube channel called “Lach in the Crease”, where he would make short videos about his hometown Vancouver Canucks and the rest of the National Hockey League from his bedroom. That eventually led to a Lach in the Crease website in March of 2016, where he began creating original NHL articles and content for the very first time.

The “LITC Blog” has since opened up a number of opportunities for Lachlan, starting with his work for Fear the Fin, SB Nation’s San Jose Sharks news site and freelancing for sites like Daily Hive and Pass it to Bulis here in Vancouver.

The farther into the world of hockey media Lachlan got, the more he enjoyed it. So in the summer of 2019 he decided to move from California back home to Vancouver to pursue full-time work covering the Canucks and the NHL in Canada.

In November of 2019, Lachlan launched his own Canucks podcast called The CreaseCast, which has since expanded to include his co-host Cody Severtson and producer Jamie Lo. In the last three years, Lachlan has produced over 100 episodes for multiple podcast platforms and on video for the CreaseCast YouTube channel.

In May 2021, Lachlan became a recipient of The Botchford Project, a sports journalism mentorship program ran by the Vancouver Canucks. That massive opportunity gave Lachlan the chance to cover his first NHL game, and led directly to him being hired by CanucksArmy.com in October 2021 as a morning skate beat reporter and featured contributor.

Covering the Canucks across so many different platforms while working and studying full time hasn’t been easy, especially since the pandemic hit. But that’s just meant getting more creative about how Lachlan connects with his audience, like offering article previews on his podcast’s Patreon page or streaming podcast editing on Twitch.

It might mean more work for him, but getting to engage fans in the creative process is what makes it all worth it for Lachlan. And he hopes he can bring that innovative spirit and skill to your platform next!

Lachlan Irvine – fun, informative and informative NHL content since 2016.