LITC Update

LITC Update: This Is (Temporarily) Sharks Territory

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Playoff time is almost here!

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us, and it looks like I’m going to have my work cut out for me this month.

First of all, I’ve been writing hockey articles at The SRJC Oak Leaf student paper since January, where I’ve wrote on such topics as our SRJC Polar Bears capturing their 3rd straight PCHA championship, the Canucks woes, and the NHL trade deadline. But now, with the local San Jose Sharks ready to make a run at Lord Stanley’s Jug, I’ll be doing game recaps on

In the non-Sharks department, I have an Oak Leaf podcast with my playoff bracket picks coming out this week. Until then, enjoy the last weekend of the regular season and I’ll see you in the postseason!

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