LITC Update

LITC Update: Reload

Vancouver Canucks v New Jersey Devils
(Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

If the NHL season was a school year, the Stanley Cup Finals would be that one last field trip you take before summer vacation. After all those days of the hard crushing labour that is your work, the hierarchy gives you one fun memory before they boot you out the door until September.

That would make the NHL Awards the Prom – or Grad if you’re Canadian – because everybody gets dressed in their fanciest attire, or in Brent Burns’ case, the regular dress code. Finally, the Draft is where one set of long suffering youngsters graduate to the next level of their life after someone calls them onto the stage to accept their diploma – er, I mean sweater.

With the offseason beginning, it leaves me with time to start working on some new projects for next season. I’ve been planning a few major projects to work on during the summer, like hockey themed games, “how to” videos, and comedy skits. Of course, suggestions are more than welcome.

My personal goal is to make a new video each week, by which I mean finish videos that don’t have a set timeline (non-analysis videos). That way I can release a bunch of new stuff throughout next season.

Okay, that probably does it for today. If you haven’t read my newest blog post on a Las Vegas’ name idea, you can check it out here. Until next time, enjoy the summer everybody!


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