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LITC Update: Excitement!

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Hello, everybody!

It’s been a wild couple months for me, mostly due to

First of all, I have a new job! I recently joined on as a contributor for the fine folks at the Puck Prose NHL blog, which is part of the FanSided Network! I’m extremely excited for this opportunity, and you can check out my very first article right here! But it does mean there are some changes coming to this site.


Wait, does this mean you’re going to stop updating this site?
No way! For me, this website is somewhat like an online portfolio, where I post everything I write for any website or blog. I’m going to add the links for all my Puck Prose articles onto the LITC Blog, as well as keep posting original articles on this site as often as I possibly can, such as the monthly Canucks Prospect Pool. At the very least, I’ll be writing on a more regular basis.

Will you still be doing the Lach Talks Canucks videos?
Of course! That’s my own project that I plan to continue for years to come!

You’re totally behind on your Canucks videos, ya lazy butt.
First, that’s not a question. Second, I am totally and utterly sorry about that. Like I said before, the last few weeks have been difficult and busy so the LTCanucks videos got a little backed up. I’m currently working hard to get all caught up before the Christmas break, so please bear with me.

So what you’re saying is, nothing is actually changing.
For the most part, nothing much is changing. But most of my original NHL stories are going to go on Puck Prose, with separate content being made for my blog. All that’s truly changing is where you’ll read my content and how much there’ll be.

I’ll make sure to keep you posted from time to time on what’s going on at both sites, but until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! – Lach

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