North Division Power Rankings

Lach’s North Division Power Rankings: Week 1

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The 2021 NHL season is going to be unlike any we’ve ever seen before, and that starts with the league’s new temporary divisions that teams will play their entire 56 game schedule in. And while all four of these new groups has their storylines, favourites and fan intrigue, there is none more highly anticipated than the all-Canadian North Division.

Sorry, I mean the Scotia NHL® North Division.

Getting the opportunity to watch stars like Elias Pettersson, Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews play each other upwards of nine times in just four months is one Canadians will likely never get again. And with so many rivalries being kicked into overdrive, there’s bound to be plenty of wild finishes, hurt feelings and social media wars along the way.

But even though the standings always tell the main story of the season, there’s a lot of wild moments every week that deserve to be properly immortalized. Which is why I’ve decided to introduce a new North Division Power Rankings series to the LITC Blog, but with a fun twist.

Every Sunday I’ll be bringing you a short power ranking for all seven Canadian teams, boiled down to the one team factor that clearly matters most: vibes. If you’ve ever read the IIHF’s own Power Rankings during the World Hockey Championships, you know what I’m talking about.

NHL hockey is back, let’s have some fun.

Week One

The only way to properly start the season is based on who survived in the playoffs longest. Did I do this just to guarantee the Canucks get to the top of the rankings at least once this year? Yes, yes I did.

1) Vancouver Canucks

Fun Fact: If you look up “chaos” in the dictionary, our roster sheet pops up!

2) Montreal Canadiens

Admit it, you forgot we have Josh Anderson now.

3) Calgary Flames

We took “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” to a whole new level this offseason. *stares down the Canucks*

4) Toronto Maple Leafs

We always LOVE the first game of the season! Then the panic sets in…

5) Edmonton Oilers

Our goaltending is gonna be fine this season, right? Right?

6) Winnipeg Jets

We got Connor Hellebuyck a lumbar support pillow for Christmas cause he’s gonna be carrying us all year.

7) Ottawa Senators

Pairing Erik Gudbranson with Thomas Chabot? Undefeated season, here we come!!!

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