North Division Power Rankings

Lach’s North Division Power Rankings: Week 2

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We might be just a handful of games into the 2021 season, but one fact about the North Division has already been cemented; this year is going to be an absolute gongshow. Out of the six teams in the group that’ve already played multiple games, all of them have won and lost at least one each, proving just how wide open this division is.

For some teams, like Montreal and Ottawa, things are already off to a pretty great start. For others, like the Canucks and Oilers, some two alarm fires have already started. Two and a half, tops.

But even though it’s way too early to start counting chickens or going into panic mode, this 56 game schedule is one where the finish line could sneak up on teams that aren’t careful. Every early mistake can compound and put a team out of the race as quickly as they started. The sooner teams address their issues, the sooner they can start putting some distance between themselves and their newfound rivals.

Let the race begin!

1) Montreal Canadiens – ⬆️ 2

We’ve suddenly got scoring depth, youth and a solid defense, but we’d trade it all away for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

2) Calgary Flames – ⬆️ 3

Hook Jacob Markstrom’s shutout against the Canucks to our veins.

3) Toronto Maple Leafs – ⬆️ 4

Crazy comeback wins, embarrassing losses and a former Shark filling the “top six dad” role? That’s Leafs hockey, baby!

4) Ottawa Senators – ⬆️ 7

We beat the Leafs?! OH MY GOD, WE BEAT THE LEAFS!!! (And that Tim Stützle kid ain’t bad either!)

5) Winnipeg Jets – ⬆️ 6

Patrik Laine, please don’t ever leave us.

6) Vancouver Canucks – ⬇️ 1

Forward depth? Never heard of her!

7) Edmonton Oilers – ⬇️ 5

Uhhhh any chance Connor or Leon can play in goal for a few games? Please?

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