North Division Power Rankings

Lach’s North Division Power Rankings (Week 3): Habs hold the crown while Canucks sink to the bottom

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This week hasn’t done much to clear up the early logjam of the NHL’s North Division, but one thing is for sure: the Montreal Canadiens are very, very good.

Not only did the Habs take down the Oilers on Monday, but also completely dismantled Vancouver over three games with an incredibly well rounded attack, led by former Canuck Tyler Toffoli’s five goals in just two games. But the Canadiens’ success doesn’t just come from the big names like Toffoli, Nick Suzuki and Tomas Tatar. In fact, so far this season every Montreal skater that’s played one game or more has at least one point to go with it. Yes, even Corey Perry!

While lots of teams are still figuring out what they are (especially the Winnipegs and Vancouvers of the world), the Canadiens already know exactly where they belong: right in the heart of the playoff race.

1) Montreal Canadiens

The “Tyler Toffoli for MVP” campaign is in full swing, people! This is not a drill!

2) Toronto Maple Leafs – ⬆️ 3

No Matthews? No problem. (just kidding, please come back soon Auston.)

3) Winnipeg Jets – ⬆️ 5

PIERRE. LUC. DUBOIS. BABY. (Patrik who?)

4) Calgary Flames – ⬇️ 2

What do you mean this was the only week off we get until May?!

5) Ottawa Senators – ⬇️ 4

Oh god we’ve already broken Tim. Send help.

6) Edmonton Oilers – ⬆️ 7

Uhhh remember Connor’s hat trick from last week?! That sure was fun, wasn’t it!

7) Vancouver Canucks – ⬇️ 6

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