North Division Power Rankings

Lach’s North Division Power Rankings (Week 5): Canucks crash into the basement… again

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The Vancouver Canucks are in trouble.

In fact, the Canucks are in so much trouble that I tried to make this week’s Power Rankings more fun by using some of the new Reverse Retro logos. Needless to say, it did not work.

In four games this week, Vancouver was outscored by Montreal and Toronto 23-9 and currently hold the NHL’s worst goal against total with 60. No matter what line juggling Travis Green seems to do, the offence isn’t able to get going and the defense gets caved in by the likes of Auston Matthews, Tyler Toffoli and… Jason Spezza.

I’ve already spent plenty of time talking about where we’re at with this Canucks team this week, and I’ll likely spend plenty more time on it the next. But as far as the other six Canadian teams are concerned, the gap between the best teams in the North Division and the bottom feeders is growing larger by the day. The bridge to the playoff side of the canyon is already starting to fray, and if teams on the cusp like the Flames and Oilers want to make it across, they have to start picking up the points pace now.

You don’t want to run out of time, do you?

1) Montreal Canadiens – ⬆️ 2

Pour Vancouver, les fantômes du Forum sont bien vivants. / For Vancouver, the ghosts of the Forum are alive and well.

2) Toronto Maple Leafs – ⬇️ 1

At some point you just feel bad for your opponents. (We haven’t gotten there yet with the Canucks, though.)

3) Winnipeg Jets – ⬆️ 4

There are lots of reasons why we shouldn’t work, and yet we’re surprisingly successful. We’re like the Chris Tanev centre ice shot of teams.

4) Calgary Flames – ⬆️ 5

We trotted out those sexy Blasty jerseys to distract you from our sudden turn into a .500 hockey team.

5) Edmonton Oilers – ⬆️ 6

What’s our secret to future success? Playing Connor and Leon for 40+ minutes a night!

6) Ottawa Senators – ⬆️ 7

We kept our goals against to only eight this week? Call us GameStop, cause our stock will never stop rising!

7) Vancouver Canucks – ⬇️ 3

*flatlining sounds*

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