North Division Power Rankings

Lach’s North Division Power Rankings (Week 10): Jets fly to the top as second half begins

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As the NHL season rounds the halfway point, the speed at which we’ve gotten here almost feels like a fever dream. Actually, considering why we’re all inside and not watching all these games live, “fever dream” is a pretty apt description.

The recent stretch hasn’t been kind to many teams in the North. The Leafs are dealing with an lingering wrist injury to Auston Matthews and have been a .500 hockey team of late. The Canadiens always seem destined to break out, only to seemingly take two steps back each time.

The only teams that’ve show consistency of late have been the Senators (albeit in the wrong direction) and the Jets, who’ve won seven of their last ten games, including taking five points out of a possible six in this week’s three game series with Toronto. But even so, it’s absolutely pointless to suggest Winnipeg has a playoff berth within their sights, especially with the shaky performances Connor Hellebuyck has posted of late.

We all know this division is going to have a photo finish, but at some point teams need to start taking control of their own destinies. Relying on winning two of every three games isn’t going to cut it down the line, and certainly isn’t going to make potential trade deadline positions any easier.

It’s time for the best clubs to rise up and take charge. The only question now is which teams will it be.


1) Winnipeg Jets ⬆️ 2


2) Toronto Maple Leafs ⬇️ 1

Sometimes playoff mode activates in January, we can’t help it.

3) Edmonton Oilers ⬆️ 5

*angry muttering sounds while buying a copy of “Rugby for Dummies” on Amazon*

4) Calgary Flames ⬆️ 7

5) Vancouver Canucks ⬇️ 4

Vote Thatcher Demko for the Vezina, you cowards.

6) Montreal Canadiens ⬇️ 3

If anyone can figure out what on earth we are, there’s probably a Nobel Prize in it for you.

7) Ottawa Senators ⬇️ 6

Please don’t change the draft lottery now, we’re BEGGING you.

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