North Division Power Rankings

Why there’s no North Division Power Rankings this week

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Normally this is the time of the week where my North Division Power Rankings go, a weekly bit where I crack one liners about all seven Canadian teams and how they’re doing. But there’s something important going on in Vancouver that makes it really hard to be funny.

The number of positive COVID tests sweeping through the team right now takes a huge precedent to any wins, trades or playoff spots. Especially when at least a few of those players have contracted the new P1 variant that young adults are far more susceptible to. British Columbia has been going through a third wave for nearly all of March, and now with the Canucks put out of commission for at least the next two weeks – and likely a lot longer than that – and vaccine rollout going incredibly slowly it’s taking centre stage.

This pandemic obviously isn’t news to anyone, but we’re getting a very steep reminder of what can happen when we make our own entertainment a priority over safety. Hopefully there’ll be better news to report by this time next Sunday, but for now I’ve decided to hit the pause button on the Power Rankings until a healthy Canucks team returns to the ice. Until that time, you can read the earlier editions of the rankings by clicking here, and keep making sure to wear your masks, practice social distancing and supporting local businesses when possible.

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