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Joining the Army

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The times, they are-a-changing.

We’re officially four games into a new Canucks season, and as is tradition everything is already in complete chaos. Usually by this point I’ve started a new series on the site surrounding the Canucks season, or at least done my State of the Blog address to let you know what you’re in for over the next 82 games.

But things are going to be changing quite a bit around here, and for the better.

Earlier this week I announced that I’ve joined the fine folks at CanucksArmy, a website that I’ve wanted to write for ever since I began chasing my hockey writing dream in 2016. My writing will be featured on the site a whole lot during this season and beyond, and I’ve never been more excited for what the future holds.

I’m really appreciative of Nation Network editor in chief (and Friend of the Blog) David Quadrelli for giving me the opportunity to jump on board. This is something that’s been in the works for a while, and I’m so excited that I’ll be able to see my name under the same banner as so many of my favourite writers, both past and present.

But of course, a big new writing job comes at the cost of a few things.

Starting in November, all my Canucks articles will be going over to CanucksArmy, meaning this site will go back to being more of a portfolio base for my work rather than my main base for writing. The blog will still serve as a home for The CreaseCast and any potential non-Vancouver articles, but you’ll be finding me a lot more at CA.

And that was always the plan. Since I launched the LITC Blog, the goal was always to build something that’s mine until a great opportunity came calling. This was that opportunity, and I’m gonna run with it.

I can’t tell you exactly what type of content you should expect from me over at the new site just yet, but I can tell you that you’ll be getting a whole lot more writing from me than ever before. I’ll still be making sure to post updates and links on LITC dot com throughout the course of the year, and hopefully you’ll follow me over to CA and support my work there just as well as you have here.

One story before I go.

Back in late 2016, I was scrolling through CA when I noticed a “FREE STICKERS” button in the main menu. I clicked it, put my info in, and sometime later I had a couple of CanucksArmy stickers waiting in my mailbox.

I immediately stuck one of them onto my laptop, a hand-me-down Surface Pro 2 I’d gotten from my mom. But I chose to save the second one in a box of sports memorabilia I’d collected over the years. My reasoning at the time was “If I ever get to write for CanucksArmy, I’ll need that sticker for a future laptop!”.

Six years later, it’s found a home.

Thanks for reading!

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