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Expecto Patreon-um!

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Hey everyone! Today I’m doing a small update to announce some big news; I’ve officially launched a brand new Patreon page for my website!

Ooo, a Patreon. Howwww original.

I know, I know. It’s not exactly a revolutionary idea, but it’s the best option out there right now.

So why are you starting a Patreon?

Running your own blog is obviously a sizable amount of work. Add my actual job to that schedule and it adds up to a pretty hectic week. So I decided to start a Patreon in an effort to help me devote more time to and improve the site, along with helping me pay the bills that come with getting a degree and everyday life.

What’s the plan for this Patreon?

In terms of my short term goals, here’s just a few of the plans I have for this Patreon:

  • Putting more hours into the blog with more content and general website upgrades.
  • A potential return to YouTube to make videos on current hockey news, history and more.
  • Having some branding designed for merchandise, some of which I might add as Patreon perks later!

My overall goal for the website has always been to use it as a sort of online portfolio in the hopes that it’ll help me land a full time job at a major hockey news site down the line. But if we get to a level where the website (and myself) become 100% self-sustainable, then I can make this my first full-time journalism job!

Screenshot of my Patreon page.

Is this going to act as a paywall for your work?

Most of the content will be free for everyone, but once I pass the $10 a month goal I plan to add some Patron exclusive content like hockey news audio and video clips. This is just meant to help me create more content for the site, so that way everyone has more stuff to point their eyeballs at. I also write for Fear the Fin, SB Nation’s San Jose Sharks blog, so you can find some of my work there for free too.

Enough about what you’re getting out of this, what kind of perks do we get?

While I don’t have the funds for any physical perks like shirts or buttons at the moment, there are going to be plenty of online perks like getting inducted into my Patreon Hall of Fame or gaining access to the Patrons Only feed. That being said, as the Patron numbers goes up I do hope to add cool tangible gifts as perks.

The Patrons Only feed will be used for updating you guys on all the stories and site updates I’m working on before I publish them, taking polls and suggestions for the website, stories and videos, priority for mailbag segments and more if I can think of anything!

I not entirely sold on making a monthly commitment right now. Are there other ways I can support the site?

From a monetary standpoint, if you have the money to spare for a cup of coffee, then please visit my Ko-fi page if you’d like to send one my way by clicking here. Aside from that, sharing and liking my work on your various social media platforms helps me a whole lot too.

I think that’s everything for now! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Otherwise, thanks for your time and support and I hope you’ll join me on this fun new adventure!

Thanks for reading! Visit to learn more about the tiers or click the button below to become a Patron!


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