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State of the Blog 2019-20: The Boy is Back in Town

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Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great summer vacation! Your essays on it are due next week, but today we’ll just be going over the syllabus for next season.

I’m Hooooome!

First of all, if you haven’t heard already, I made a big life change over the summer and moved back home to Vancouver! This is the first time in my adult life that I’m getting to cover my favourite team locally, and what better season to start with than the Canucks’ 49th 50th anniversary season.

Not only do I have a massive amount of extra LITC content planned for the season, in August I started work as a contributor for Daily Hive Offside, where I’ll be covering plenty of Canucks stories over the course of the year. I wrote my first story about Thatcher Demko last month, and some new articles are on the way soon.

Having my work on a bigger stage in Vancouver is fantastic, but the thing I’m most excited for is the opportunity to meet all the great Canucks fans, fellow writers and personalities in the area. If you see me at Rogers Arena, feel free to say hi! (Just look for the guy wearing the “Irvine” jersey with #97 on the back. Yup. I’m that guy. Sorry in advance.)

The Sunday Crease

Last season some scheduling conflicts and personal issues made season two of The Sunday Crease a rocky one, but this year is going to be the biggest one yet for my weekly column. It’ll continue to follow the same setup as usual, but I’m planning to integrate it with some of my Daily Hive articles as well.

Since there’s no Young Stars tournament to talk about this month, I’ll be starting the Sunday Crease after the first week of the preseason on September 29. I’m sure you’ll want to make a note of that on your calendar. No? Alright, moving on.


One new addition I’ve made this summer is introducing a Patreon page for the site in an effort to help me make the site more self sustainable, give me the ability to devote more time for writing, producing content and rewarding my readers. If you don’t know what Patreon is you can read my article about it here, and if you’d like to become a Patron you can click here.

LITC Radio

One perk for joining my Patreon is getting access to my new podcast, LITC Radio. LITC Radio is a new weekly show where I talk about recent hockey news, updates on personal projects and some nerdy talk about movies, music, and TV. Right now I’m only doing one episode a week, but if I can get my Patreon past my $19 a month stretch goal I plan on adding a second weekly show!

Cause if there’s one thing the world needed, it’s more podcasts with Bitmojis on the cover art.

As for a non-subscription based podcast, I’m currently working on putting together a second show that’ll feature myself and a new co-host. Hopefully I’ll have all those details ironed out before the season starts so I can let you know about it.

Odds and Ends

While nothing is set in stone yet, I do have a few new ideas in the pipeline that I’m hoping to get started on this season; in particular, some new YouTube shows. I don’t want to give away too many details, but one project is a Canucks-based series while the other is about hockey on a grander scale. Once again, I’ll update you once I have more info on both those projects.

As usual, you can find my writing on other sites this season too. I’ll be doing plenty of Canucks stories for Daily Hive, and I’ll continue to write about the Sharks and the Barracuda on Fear the Fin in 2019-20.

As I head into year four of running the blog, I want to once again take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you that’s read, listened or watched my work over the last three seasons. Your support is what’s put me in this great situation to cover my favourite team in my favourite city during their 50th anniversary season. There’s a lot of risk involved with a move like this, but I’m so excited to be here and can’t wait to give you guys a season of the best content ever.

Cheers to you all, and enjoy the season. Diddy, play us out.

Thanks for reading! What’re you most looking forward to this season? Leave a comment below!


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